This page contains a list of the most common FAQs our Customer Service team receive regarding our electricity services.

  • How will I be invoiced?

    You will be billed monthly

  • Where can I view my energy bills online?

    Once logged into your online account, you will need to hover over "Billing" and then click on "Energy Invoices" which is the bottom option. Here you will find all invoices that have been produced on your account. At the end of each row it shows the word "View". Click on this to see your individual bills.

  • How can I pay my invoice?

    The method of payment is direct debit. You will always get ten days notice before the money is taken from your bank account. This provides you with a hassle free way of paying your bill, with the added benefit that your payments are protected by the Direct debit Guarantee. Payment by any other method will incur a £25.00 monthly charge.

  • Do I need to provide a meter reading?

    It is preferred if you can provide a reading as it will assist with the transfer of your services. you can submit a reading online Here, by text message to 07410548629 (please include your customer account number) or simply call customer services on 01482 388 400.

  • Who do I call if I have a query regarding the transfer?

    You can call our customer service team 01482 388 400.

  • How will my meter be read?

    Whenever possible a smart meter will be installed, that transmits accurate readings directly to us avoiding the need for manual readings.

  • How long will it take to transfer my services?

    It takes approximately 28 days from the date you arranged to change supplier until the date you are actually being supplied by us.

  • What is a maximum demand?

    This is a fee paid by customers to ensure that the required metered capacity is available at all times e.g. 150KVa would ensure this capacity is available.

  • What is a contract price structure?

    This is a supply offer which has all delivery charges (DUoS & TUoS) built into the unit rates for the supply of electricity.

  • What does kW and kWh mean?

    Kilowatts  (kW) are the units used to measure maximum demand. Kilowatt-hours (kWh) this is how electricity consumption is measured.

  • Who are the Regulators?

    The Office of Gas Electricity Markets (OFGEM)  is a non ministerial Government agency and regulator of the onshore gas industry in Great Britain.

  • Can I view my bills online?

    Yes. Our customer's prefer this method as it enables you to have the flexability to view your bill in a more convenient manner and save money on paper billing charges. To register for this service, please contact customer services on 01482 388 400.

  • Are there any rewards for bringing additional services to Axis?

    Yes, for every service you bring over to Axis, we will credit you with £75 once the transfer has completed.

  • What is your standard variable tariff, also known as Deemed rates?

    If you choose not to renew at the end of your fixed term contract, you will automatically be transferred on to our standard variable tariff, details of this tariff can be found here. Alternatively if you move into a property supplied by Axis we will supply you on these rates until you either agree a fixed price contract with us or switch your supply to an alternative supplier.

  • What Is Your Non Direct Debit tariff?

    All of our standard tariffs are based on payment by Direct Debit, if we fail to collect payment by Direct Debit you will be billed on our non direct debit tariff, details of which can be found here.